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General Information


You can still register any time by clicking “Registration” in the left-hand menu using the online registration pro-cedure. Online registration will be open until Sept. 14, 2023. Afterwards you can directly register at the Symposium Office.

Abstract GuidelinesHide

For each contribution an short abstract for the Abstract Book must be uploaded during registration. Please, download the right MS Word Template for your abstract:

Then convert your abstract into a pdf and upload using your BPS login. Only PDF-files submitted online are accepted. Thus, don't send any MS Word, Latex, or other text files, or fax or email your abstract.

Please note, the Abstract Book will be issued as pdf file.


The location of the BPS '23 is at the

University of Bayreuth
Universitätsstr. 30
95447 Bayreuth,

Bldg. NW II
Lecture halls H18 and H19.

In front of the lecture halls you'll find the Symposium Office (S 76), exhibits of supporting companies, coffee & tea. You'll find a map and more directions left at 'Directions and Accommodation'.

BPS '23 FlyerHide

You can download the BPS '23 Invitation Flyer here

Poster GuidelinesHide
  • The poster format is DIN A0 portrait (max. 124.5x90 cm HxW, A0 oversize). IMPORTANT: The maximum width for landscape format posters is also 90 cm. The posters will be mounted by you on wooden boards. Please, bring your own mounting material.

  • Posters of Poster Sessions I & II will be introduced by an oral introduction during the Poster Introduction on Monday or Tuesday. Please prepare max. FOUR pdf pages (best in landscape, no Powerpoint!) for your short oral poster presentation of max. 2 min. More pages will be removed. We will use a video projector (beamer) to present your pdf files. Please, email your pdf file in time (deadline: Sept. 11th, 2023) to BPSposter.intro@gmail.com only, so we can easily access and sort these into one pdf file. Also only use the poster session number (1 or 2), the last name, and ID of the presenter as file name, i. e. 1miller1234.pdf in the case your poster is in session I (1), your last name is Miller, and your BPS '23 registration ID is 1234. Your poster number and session will be announced in August '23.

  • Poster in Session III will not be introduced, but displayed together with Posters of Session I & II the entire time.
Name TagsHide

You will receive a name tag in your welcome package at the BPS '23 Symposium Office which is located in front of the lecture hall. Please display your BPS '23 name tag throughout the conference, in particular for coffee and lunch breaks.

Certificate of ParticipationHide

You will receive our certificate that you participated at the BPS '23 in your welcome package at your registration in the Symposium Office.


The exhibit of several sponsors of the BPS '23 will be open during both days on the main floor next to the regis-tration office.

Internet AccessHide

WiFi (WLAN) access will be provided on the site, via free @BayernWLAN or eduroam, latter if you are registered at your home university. In room S 71 (also building NW II) there are also workstations available for online access exclusively for BPS '23 participants.

Lectures - Oral Presentations (Beamer, Video)Hide
  • Only for lectures, not for poster introduction: A video presentation system (beamer) will be provided for presentations directly from a laptop. Preferably you will bring your own laptop; otherwise we will need your file on a USB stick, Powerpoint presentations must be saved with "Package Presentation for CD" to imbed all media. During the breaks, the laptops for the following session will be installed and tested. Thus, bring your system to the front during the break preceding your presentation. Currently the equipment in the lecture halls supports HDMI, in the case your laptop only features another display port (VGA, DVI, Apple, etc.) please, bring your own adapter.

  • Poster introduction: For the short oral introduction of Poster Session I & II we need a pdf file with your presentation which will be on display during the 2 min. See "Poster Guidelines" above.

It is possible to have lunch in the campus dining hall/cafeteria on the campus. Lunch is included in your BPS '23 registration fee and you will receive color coded lunch coupons in your welcome package. You can use each open line and have a free choice of meals. A vegetarian/vegan meal/salad is also available. In addition to the daily selection you'll find a salad bar (per weight) on the left side of line one. Please hand the coupons for the meal to the person at the cash register.
Payment in cash is not possible in the campus dining hall/cafeteria!

Social EventsHide
  • On Sunday night at 18:30 we'll offer a BPS '23 get-together, here complimentary beer, pretzels and, sausages will be served. Also other food and beverages will be available.

  • On Monday night, after the last BPS '23 lecture, a concert will be offered. Only a limited amount of tickets is available and can be purchased in advance during the online-registration or, if available, at the Symposium Office. Reservation for tickets are not accepted, a pay first - serve first policy is applied by the organizers. A bus transfer to the concert site (Villa Wahnfried) will be available, dinner on your own is offered at various restaurants of your choice downtown after the concert.

  • The BPS '23 conference dinner which is included in the conference fee, is scheduled for Tuesday night at 19:30 at a restaurant in a nearby location, driving instructions, or a bus shuttle to the restaurant will be available at the conference site. No bus shuttle will be provided to return to your hotel, please call a cab or share cars.
Mobile PhonesHide

Participants are requested to mute their phones in the BPS '23 lecture halls all the times.


In case you wish to cancel your BPS '23 registration, please inform the Symposium Office by e-mail (bps@uni-bayreuth.de) accordingly. If you qualify for a refund (i.e. you have already paid your conference fee), a service fee of 50 EUR will be deducted.


The official language of the BPS '23 is English.

Insurance and LiabilityHide

Neither the BPS '23 organizers nor the University of Bayreuth will accept liability for personal injury or loss or damage of property of participants and accompanying persons either during the conference or while traveling to the conference. Participants are strongly recommended to get their own insurance coverage, for cases such as health and accident, lost luggage, or trip cancelation.

You can print the "General information" by using the PRINT PAGE button in the upper right corner.