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Scientific Program

BPS '23 conference program is here!

Download the BPS '23 conference program:

The scientific program of BPS '23 consists of:

  • plenary lectures on recent developments in polymer science
  • invited lectures
  • contributed lectures. No more lectures are accepted at this time.
  • poster sessions. Only the posters of Session I and II will be presented by a two minute oral introduction.

The scientific program will start Sunday, September 17, at 17:30 (5:30 pm).  

We especially encourage young scientists to present their work.

The conference language for all contributions is English.

Presented are current topics of interest from the field of

  • functional polymers

  • polymer colloids

  • polymer interfaces

  • polymer 

  • supramolecular polymers

  • biobased polymers

  • microplastic

circular economy

  • 3D printing